Hills of florence
Already in the XIV century, a large number of "rich villas, towers, courtyards and gardens" in the vicinity of Florence made a strong impression on travelers, according to Giovanni Villani,…

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Sardinia: rest and prices
What makes up the price of holidays in Sardinia When planning the budget for your upcoming vacation in Sardinia, you need to remember the following stages of expenses. First of…

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Saslong - ski celebrity
The first World Cup races in Val Gardena took place in 1969 - then they held two stages, men's (along the Saslong) and women's (along the Cir). At first, a…

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Val Gardena – the largest Italian resort

Val Gardena is a valley in the Dolomites, part of the world’s largest ski region Dolomiti Superski. The ski pass of the same name unites 12 large ski areas and gives access to 1,200 km of slopes – but, of course, not all of them are connected directly by lifts. Specifically, from Val Gardena you can ski in three more valleys – Val di Fassa, Alta Badia and Arabba / Marmolada. The famous 40-km route Sella Ronda is used for this, ringing the Sella mountain range. Each valley also has its own ski area. Together, the four of them have 250 lifts and 570 km of slopes.

There are three resorts in Val Gardena – Ortisei, Selva and Santa Cristina. Ortisei of them is the largest, but also the least tourist – it is the administrative center of the valley, and most of the locals live there. Santa Continue reading

Genoa Pre Quarter

Parallel to our elegant Balbi street, conceived as a triumphal entrance to the city for travelers – from the most beautiful station building, through the square with the monumental Columbus – A Cristoforo Colombo dalla Patria (“Christopher Columbus – from the Motherland” – this is written on the monument to the great discoverer, who is home to no one didn’t contribute to his famous expedition), past the ancient hotels, palaces and the university (the university is also a few palaces with lions on the stairs, hanging gardens, courtyards, etc.) is a long, narrow ay, dark and scary street Pre. Behind her, just twenty meters away, the port begins. Now, of course, the port is no longer quite a port. More recently, the famous Genoese architect Renzo Piano, who became famous, like most famous Genoese, outside of his Patria, with a wave of his hand turned Old Harbor, or Porto Antico (I beg you, do not try to translate antico as “antique”!), In a white and clean walking zone. The Genoese immediately fell in love with the new version of Old Harbor, now they are actively walking there, foreign tourists are lining up to visit the largest Continue reading

Tea and coffee. About normal and abnormal

The very first time in Italy, until I learned to speak Italian fluently, I was tormented by the question: “Do you have normal or hot tea?” I could speak tè caldo – hot tea, and I pronounced it as clearly as possible when ordering. And they continued to ask me with pressure: is it hot or is it NORMAL?

There is no normal tea in Italy, unfortunately. I have not seen a teapot in any house, nor in a single supermarket have I seen loose tea in packs. Tea is sometimes brewed in bags, and water is boiled in a saucepan, and a tea bag is thrown right there so that no one has the opportunity to regulate the strength of the tea. Well, and, of course, to wait until he cools down while talking, and drink barely warm pale Continue reading

Other Italy

“Ladies and gentlemen! Our plane landed at the airport of Trieste. We are glad to welcome you in Italy,” a pleasant male baritone informs. Out of Moscow habit, we frantically grab onto mobile phones – and here is your first surprise! My mobile operator greeted me in the territory of … Slovenia, and a neighbor received an SMS with roaming tariffs for the territory of Croatia. “And it turns out I am in Austria!” – admired the girl on the left. Perhaps nothing better than this episode will describe Friuli-Venezia Giulia, perhaps the most unique Italian region with Roman roots, a Venetian past, an Austrian accent and Slovenian hospitality.

Lignano – Little Florida
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Paradise for two

Include travel together in your personal list of classes for lovers – and life will immediately sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow! DT talks about the most romantic destinations of this spring.

Leave alone for the weekend or for a week; to escape from the hustle and bustle in another reality full of magic; to live together moments of happiness and learn something new about the world in which we live – that is why romantic trips are needed. To make our list of the most romantic places in the world, we interviewed many people who told us about their beautiful, interesting and very beautiful travels together. But, even if you decide to repeat them, your personal journey together will turn out to be different: after all, Continue reading

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Ischia Honey Island
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Genoa Pre Quarter
Parallel to our elegant Balbi street, conceived as a triumphal entrance to the city for travelers - from the most beautiful station building, through the square with the monumental Columbus…


Val Di Fiemme - the world capital of winter sports
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