Venice is the most amazing and most famous city in the world - a city on the water, which arose on a hundred islands connected by a network of 160…

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Hills of florence
Already in the XIV century, a large number of "rich villas, towers, courtyards and gardens" in the vicinity of Florence made a strong impression on travelers, according to Giovanni Villani,…

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Other Italy
“Ladies and gentlemen! Our plane landed at the airport of Trieste. We are glad to welcome you in Italy,” a pleasant male baritone informs. Out of Moscow habit, we frantically…

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Sicily is an amazing world that does not look like anything: the world of the azure sea and a smoking volcano, the world of orange groves and desert steppes, the world of pacified peace of Greek temples and the hubbub of market squares, the world of Greek philosophers and Arab conquerors, it is a world of opposites woven into one a big tale called Sicily.

Geographical position: Sicily – the largest island in the Mediterranean basin
the total area with adjacent small islands is 25,426 km2. Three capes gave the island a triangle shape, for which the ancient Greeks called Sicily Trinacria. Its shores are washed by three seas: in the north – the Tyrrhenian, in the east – the Ionian, in the west and south – the Mediterranean. The island is separated from the mainland of Italy, the Apennine Peninsula by the Strait of Messina (3 km wide at its narrowest Continue reading

Bergamo and Bologna

Bergamo is a city 40 km northeast of Milan at the foot of the Alps, the administrative center of the province of the same name. Conventionally, the city is divided into the old (“Upper Town”) on a hill height of 380 m above sea level, rich in ancient attractions and new (“Lower Town”), modern – at its foot. You can get to the upper city by funicular or by one of the streets climbing up.
According to an ancient legend, the city was founded by Chidnoy, the son of the ancestor of the Ligur, who named him Barra. In the 6th century BC. the Etruscans changed the face of the city by building their defenses. In 550 BC the Etruscans were replaced by the Gauls of Kenoman, who renamed the city Verhheim, that is, “the city on the mountain.” When Rome extended its power to all of Italy, the city was called Bergomum; the Romans surrounded it with walls, rebuilt in the Middle Ages so that their perimeter coincided with the Roman. After the Longobard and Frankish rule, Bergamo became an independent city-state, uniting areas that retained their own church and administrative management. In the period from the 15th to the 18th century, Bergamo was part of the Venetian Republic, it was at this time that the city acquired most of its famous buildings. Continue reading


Genoa is a historic coastal city and the largest Italian port in northern Italy, the capital of the province of Genoa and the historical region of Liguria. Located on the shores of the Genoese Bay in the Ligurian Sea (part of the Mediterranean Sea), 120 km south of Milan. Apennine mountains come close to the city from the north. The population is about 600,000 people. Genoa extends 35 km along the coast from Voltri to Nervi.
The whole history of Genoa is connected with navigation and trade.
The capital of Liguria, Genoa, is often poetically compared with the interior of an ancient theater: the stalls are a colorful port surrounded by lodges – palaces, and city blocks go down from the nearest hills with an amphitheater directly to the bay. Many ancient palaces have been preserved here, from which it still blows its former splendor, which, combined with the brisk life of the port city, Continue reading


Catania – the capital of the province of the same name, is located on the island of Sicily, on the Ionian coast, at the foot of the highest volcano in Europe – Etna.
Picturesque and noisy Catania is a city of a volcano. The dark, closed Etna, like an obstinate deity, gazes at the revival that prevails in the city streets and serves as an eloquent symbol of the inalienable quality of the people of Catania: their industriousness. It was this quality that allowed the people to be reborn many times from the ashes, like a newly-minted phoenix bird, without worrying about earthquakes or wars.

Catania is a dark city built of black volcanic stone, and at the same time unusually bright and sunny: the sun shines here about 2530 hours a year – more than anywhere else in Italy.

The symbol of the city is an elephant, a strong and kind animal, and their patron saint is Agatha, a virgin and a martyr Continue reading

Sardinia: rest and prices

What makes up the price of holidays in Sardinia
When planning the budget for your upcoming vacation in Sardinia, you need to remember the following stages of expenses.
First of all, round-trip air tickets are needed. This can be a charter flight, a regular flight of a traditional airline or an economical low-cost.

Next, you need to book a stay in the selected format. This can be a budget bed and breakfast or accommodation in self-catering apartments; A 3-star hotel in a picturesque corner of the small resort of Sardinia, the price of which will be more affordable, or 4-5 star hotels with a wide range of services and Continue reading

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Other Italy
“Ladies and gentlemen! Our plane landed at the airport of Trieste. We are glad to welcome you in Italy,” a pleasant male baritone informs. Out of Moscow habit, we frantically…


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