The Venice Carnival - the ancestor of all other carnivals - to this day remains the most famous and popular carnival in Europe and, along with the carnival in Rio…

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Genoa is a historic coastal city and the largest Italian port in northern Italy, the capital of the province of Genoa and the historical region of Liguria. Located on the…

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Italian hotels: what the stars say
The average tourist used to navigate the world of hotels by stars. Everyone knows, for example, that five stars are better than four, and even more so than three. Upon…

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Water treatments in Pre San Didier

In Leukerbad, we led an active spa lifestyle, regularly visiting the local thermal springs. After moving to Courmayeur, we decided here to continue in the same spirit. I must say that in the Valle d’Aosta region from the ancient Romans, only one thermal complex was preserved in the village of Pre San Didier, a 10-minute drive from Courmayeur. Unfortunately, they are not allowed here with children under 14 years old, so we had to leave our young bathers at home.

Water here is not cooled, since Verney spring has been flowing from the bowels of the earth for 1000 years with a temperature of 37 degrees comfortable for the body. Rich in iron oxide and calcium carbonate, water is considered extremely beneficial for muscles and bones. In addition, it softens the skin, improves blood Continue reading

The virgin nature of the three forest parks of Trentino

Panevegdio – Pale di San Martino, Adamello Brenta and Stelvio, the three “green lungs” of Trentino, offer a large number of ways and opportunities for exploring alpine flora and fauna. Forests, mountains, rivers, alpine fauna: nature truly reigns in Trentino, thanks also to the presence of three natural parks located in the province. The Adamello Brenta, Paneveggio – Palais di San Martino and Stelvio parks guard the natural treasures of this region, the administration of which pays special attention to respect for the environment. The area of ​​lands to be protected is almost 20% of the total area of ​​the province. In the thick forests of Trentino, half a billion trees grow, nearly 1,000 for every resident of the province: a number that far exceeds the national average. Logging in Trentino accounts for 43% of the total national volume. The high quality of local wood is due to the skillful management of logging, which is carried out according to the principle of “strategy for the Continue reading

Ischia Honey Island

Ischia is famous not only as the largest island of the Gulf of Naples with the healing properties of hot springs and chic spa-relaxation, but also as a favorite place for newlyweds. The concentration of newly made love in the air was measured by the newspaper Neva info.

“Honey Island” – as the local Italians call Ischia among themselves. No, it’s not at all that the island is a favorite place of bees. Just Ischia is a favorite place for newlyweds who come here for their honeymoon. As one Italian said at the Paris Hotel is a good place, but there is no sea there. We did not argue, because after a couple of days we realized that this emerald island for tourists is really like flower pollen for bees: it attracts, attracts and reaches its peak by summer. Continue reading

Sunny Trentino – ski variety

The gentle winter sun, excellent food and famous wines, more than 700 kilometers of ski slopes and 14 snow parks in the beautiful Dolomites – these are the components of your holiday in the Italian region of Trentino. This is a border region, so the Italian ability to cook delicious pasta and pizza and carelessly enjoy life is combined with Austrian business spirit and the Swiss desire for quality.

You can ski among the sparkling snows and picturesque peaks, and then go down to the valley and admire the vineyards, sparse forests and tiny pretty towns, visit ancient mountain villages and even get acquainted with the culture of the small people of Ladins, speaking a rare Romansh language. Continue reading

What to eat in the Dolomites

We present to your attention a small “guide” on the restaurant menu at the ski resorts Dolomiti Superski. We hope he can help you navigate the local gastronomic diversity and choose the most necessary dishes.

So delicious italy
For the first time going on a ski vacation in the Dolomites Superski region, most tourists are unlikely to think about what they will be fed. “Pizza Pasta” – it is with these dishes that Italian cuisine is associated with many travelers. But only for those who have never been to the Dolomites. As elsewhere in Italy, in this diverse region, food is not just a way to get enough, it is a whole ceremony, a process the essence of which is the enjoyment of communication and delicious, lovingly prepared dishes. Continue reading

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