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A new kind of international shopping

The weekend in Milan and its environs opens up attractive prospects for the international top model and style expert Karolina Kurkova. Every time she visits the city of fashion, she visits her favorite shopping oasis of Fidenza Village.

Supermodel and actress Karolina Kurkova undoubtedly knows a lot about style and international fashion. Speaking on the catwalk for the most important European fashion designers and from 16 years talking with the most important figures in the fashion world, she acquired the skills of a fashion designer and learned to understand clothing brands.

Anna Wintour lifted Karolina Kurkova to the top of the model Olympus when she was 16 years old, calling her “the future supermodel.” Today, 28-year-old Carolina has become one of the highest paid supermodels in the world and works for Chanel, Christian Dior and Victoria Secret.

Recently, she became an actress, in addition, she works in the humanitarian field. Having such a tight international schedule and spending many hours on the road traveling around the world fashion capitals, her free time becomes even more valuable. When Carolina finds time to indulge in her passion, namely, shopping for stress relief, she needs to find high-level international brands in a short time.

Luxury in a new way
Fidenza Village, one of Carolina’s favorite shopping destinations, is located in Italy and is one of the nine Chic Outlet Shopping® shopping villages in Europe, where the most coveted fashionable style brands offer their collections from last season with exceptional discounts throughout the year. Situated in a calm environment and striking in its exquisite design, the shopping village of Fidenza Village is an hour away by car from Milan’s fashion capital.

According to Carolina, “luxury lies in the ability to shop and enjoy it.” Fidenza Village fully provides this opportunity. Refined attention to detail, first-class service and an assortment of innovative design clothing models characterize shopping at Fidenza Village. Perhaps today you want to improve your wardrobe with the help of a qualified sales assistant or you want to pack your purchases beautifully to send them to your friends around the world. Consider it already done. You will not have any problems and you will easily find the options you need. According to Carolina, thanks to the VIP-relation, which is in Fidenza Village, from a personal suite to quality restaurants, it is impossible not to feel really luxurious.

Knowing well that Russians love luxury brands, she noted: “I have many Russian friends and I know how they like brands. They never just dress.” Of course, Fidenza Village, which owns brands like Belstaff, Class Roberto Cavalli and Trussardi, is a natural choice for any Russian brand-savvy buyer.

Wealthy tourists recognize that Europe has a variety of destinations and styles. Europeans with an innate sense of style have always been famous for good taste, but this concept varies from country to country. Fashion is inextricably linked with the cultural spirit of the times, which every city is filled with, which inevitably makes it different and interesting. As Carolina herself says: “Europe has always been a place of innovation, where new trends arise and where you can feel the energy of tex designers and craftsmen who work hard.”

Milan: Carolina Kurkova’s style
Milan has a special place in the heart of Carolina. This is the city of her first contract as a model, so she has a deep affection for him. Despite the fact that she has not been here for several years, she says: “I feel as if I have always lived here.”

Being the center of attraction of world fashion, Milan has always possessed a unique style that is known throughout the world. It is filled with lively interesting culture, therefore, it becomes tempting to combine shopping at Fidenza Village with a visit to this Italian cosmopolitan city.

Carolina explains exactly what she likes at Fidenza Village when she says that all she needs is “her favorite brands in one place, not far from the city where I work. That is what shopping should be like.”

An impressive array of brands is enough to seduce the most sophisticated international customers. Carolina is especially fond of Missoni, Michael Kors and Armani clothing brands, whose stores are located in Fidenza Village. Moreover, discounts in the trading village increase its pleasure and enjoyment from the purchase. She continues: “Thanks to the high discounts of up to 70%, you get luxury brands at a low price. Even supermodels love super-bargain shopping!”

Since Fidenza Village is located near Milan, it is an ideal place to become part of a chic cultural holiday in Milan. For Carolina herself, relaxation and culture are at the very top of her wish list when she visits Milan and its environs.

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