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Sardinia: rest and prices

What makes up the price of holidays in Sardinia
When planning the budget for your upcoming vacation in Sardinia, you need to remember the following stages of expenses.
First of all, round-trip air tickets are needed. This can be a charter flight, a regular flight of a traditional airline or an economical low-cost.

Next, you need to book a stay in the selected format. This can be a budget bed and breakfast or accommodation in self-catering apartments; A 3-star hotel in a picturesque corner of the small resort of Sardinia, the price of which will be more affordable, or 4-5 star hotels with a wide range of services and amenities, for which you will have to pay an impressive amount.

An important point in vacation planning is the choice of food format. In the apartments you can cook for yourself, buying excellent organic products at small prices at the markets and supermarkets in Sardinia. If there is no desire to cook on vacation, it is convenient to book a hotel with meals. In this case, we advise you to contact a tour operator, because as a rule, hotels provide operators with discounts on a package of services and it will be cheaper for tourists than booking a hotel on their own through popular sites.

In addition to plane tickets, accommodation and meals, it is necessary to provide for the costs of traveling around the island, excursions and entrance tickets to some objects.

Sardinia hotels: prices
To navigate the prices of accommodation in different regions of Sardinia, the prices below are shown at the most popular resorts.
Holidays in Sardinia – prices
Cost per night on the prestigious Costa Smeralda coast starts from 55-60 euros for a double room in a bed and breakfast and goes up to 500 euros and above (three-star hotels cost about 130-150 euros per night). Apartments within walking distance from the coast in the quiet corners of the Costa Smeralda will cost 90-100 euros.

In Santa Teresa di Gallura you can find a room from 50 euros in a bed and breakfast, the average price for a hotel near the coast and with a wide selection of amenities and services is about 120-140 euros.

In the vicinity of Isola Ross, a popular format of accommodation is apartments, which cost 45-70 euros per night.

Sardinia: prices per flight
Holidays in Sardinia can be carried out in three ways flights, varying in price. Low cost offers low cost from Warsaw: a direct flight with luggage will cost about 260-280 euros (arrival at the airport of Cagliari or Alghero). The earlier a ticket is purchased, the lower the price.

There are charter flights from Moscow (about 610 euros per round trip ticket), as well as regular flights with transfers from Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, the cost of which starts from 340 euros, and the duration of the flight can reach 24 hours.

Sardinia: prices for excursions
Holidays in Sardinia can be diversified by a large selection of various excursions of various kinds and at different prices.
Holidays in Sardinia – prices
The most popular sightseeing tours in Sardinia with a fascinating immersion in the history of the island, its traditions, features of life and mentality of local residents. Such a trip combines admiring natural landscapes and visiting archaeological sites. The cost of such trips starts from 100 euros for two for an individual excursion.

The most famous and impressive of the natural attractions of Sardinia are unique grottoes: Neptune and Iz Dzudas with columns of stalactites and stalagmites. Entrance fee – 7-13 euros. And the most mysterious of man-made monuments on the island can be called Nuragi Su-Nuraksi in Barumini – structures made of stones without mortar for 2 thousand years BC. An individual excursion for two will cost 150 euros.

Perhaps the most expensive are sea excursions:

possible boat trip on a yacht 10-20 meters long in a group of up to 9 people at a price of 1000-3000 euros;
the service of renting a yacht with a crew for 4-8 hours will cost from 700 euros for two passengers;
fishing is very popular on the island (including the exclusive tuna hunt, which is famous for Sardinia, prices for such an adventure – about 900 euros for a group of three people). A group fishing trips from the longboat cost about 120 euros per person.
Another type of excursions is gastronomic tours in Sardinia. They last from a few hours to several days. For example, a lunch visiting a Sardinian shepherd with a traditional skewered milk piglet is designed for a group of up to 9 people, the total cost for all will be 800-900 euros. As a rule, such tastings are accompanied by walks in ancient cities and picturesque caves. Trips to the numerous dairies and wineries in Sardinia with the possibility of tasting and acquiring unique high-quality products at affordable prices are also popular. Such trips cost about 360 euros for a group of 6 people.

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