Thermal Resorts Lombardy
The thermal center of Sant Omobono is located 25 km from Bergamo in the picturesque Valle Imagna Valley at an altitude of 500 m. The climate, which is extremely mild,…

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Hills of florence
Already in the XIV century, a large number of "rich villas, towers, courtyards and gardens" in the vicinity of Florence made a strong impression on travelers, according to Giovanni Villani,…

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A new kind of international shopping
The weekend in Milan and its environs opens up attractive prospects for the international top model and style expert Karolina Kurkova. Every time she visits the city of fashion, she…

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Veneto Belluno

Falcade is a town in the province of Belluno at an altitude of 1100m in the spacious Valley of the Biois Valley in the Veneto region. Located 110 km northwest of Venice and approximately 35 km from Belluno. Falcade is one of the border areas of the Travalli Ski Eria: 100 km of slopes and pistes stretching between the Veneto and Trentino regions are now part of the Super Ski Dolomites. In these places there is a lot of sun, a wonderful Mediterranean and alpine climate. You can stroll in parks, explore hiking trails and enjoy the purity and beauty of the wild.
Here are some of the peaks that surround the city: the Palais di San Martino (in the south), Marmolada (in the north) and Civeta and Pelmo – directly opposite the valley, create a breathtaking landscape of winter sunsets.

The resort is at a good height for relaxation and body rejuvenation: sport, tranquility, magnificent mountain scenery and good air for everyone; the place is especially suitable for families and companies with different levels of skiing. Falcade considers 100 km of ski slopes for downhill and 60 km for cross-country skiing, which originate directly from the center of the area, as well as 27 ski lifts, 2 snowboard parks, snow tunnels, snowmobiles, snowshoes, an ice rink, and playgrounds for children from snow. A modern chair road carries skiers up to an altitude of 2500m in Kol Margherita. Falcade guarantees a wonderful holiday: ski rental, ski school, shops, a cinema, a piano bar with live music, restaurants, bars.
Cortina d ’Ampezzo is located in the Ampezzo Valley, at an altitude of 1224 meters, in the Dolomites mountain range and dominates the south of Tyrol in the Veneto region. The distance from Cortina to Innsbruck is 160 km, to Venice 150 km. The city was the capital of the 1956 Winter Olympics. The most fashionable and only Italian resort, included in the Best Of The Alps.

Cortina d’ Ampezzo is a very large resort town with a bustling evening life. A significant part of the audience coming here is the lovers and professionals of La dolce vita. This is a kind of winter Porto Cervo, where instead of yachts, the owners demonstrate luxury cars. Sometimes Cortina is also compared to St. Moritz. Here is a place for the elite. Luxury and wealth reign here. The central part of the city – the pedestrian area of ​​Corso Italia – all consists entirely of good shops, boutiques, art galleries and antiques. It is always crowded: beauties walk in the snowy streets in fur coats from Fendi and in slippers from Sergio Rossi, accompanied by gallant companions in suits from Valentino and Armani. In expensive restaurants, multi-million dollar deals are made, luxurious festivities are organized, and the latest business and fashion news are discussed. It is not customary to talk about skiing. People come here to say: “I had a rest in Cortina” and instantly increase my rating in the eyes of others.

Cortina d’Ampezzo is considered one of the most elite Italian ski resorts. It is prestigious to relax here, the atmosphere of luxury is felt in everything, and at the same time there are excellent conditions for skiing. Thanks to the wonderful microclimate in Cortina, there is always a lot of sun, and mountain ranges protect the town from the cold wind.

The total length of the ski slopes is 140 km, located at altitudes from 1224 to 3000 m. Of these, the blue slopes – 33%, the red ones – 62%, and the black ones – 5%. The ski area is serviced by 52 lifts, including 5 funiculars, 27 chair lifts and 20 tow lifts. The total length of the cross-country skiing trail is 73 km. The resort’s routes are included in a single subscription (ski pass) of the Dolomites, uniting 12 resorts.

Trails are generally well suited for mid-level skiers. But there are several sites that awe the most experienced athletes.
Novice skiers should try their hand at the slopes of Sokrepes. The slopes here are gentle and fairly long, and the lifts have recently been modernized. So skiing is just a pleasure.

Mid-level skiers are advised to ride on the slopes of the top of Tofan, where there are short routes and always good snow cover. It is also worth paying attention to the slopes of Pomedes.

Professionals should go down the highway from the peaks of Forchella Staunies (2930 m) and Ra Valles (2470 m).

The resort has three ski schools and two snowboard schools. There is a kindergarten, you can use the services of a nanny.

In addition to skiing, there are excellent conditions for bobsledding, ice skating, swimming, snow rafting, canyoning, paragliding. Dog sledding is also a popular activity at the resort. There is a cinema and a video bar.

The resort has several nightclubs, 6 discos.

Cortina d’Ampezzo has great shopping opportunities – around 300 all kinds of shops.

In the evenings, the resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo just rages. Restaurants, bars, cafes – everything is filled to capacity. The windows of expensive boutiques shine. Until the morning fun in nightclubs does not stop.

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