Folgaria - comfortable for beginners and interesting for professionals
In the southeast of Trentino is Folgaria - the land of quiet villages and interesting trails, the best place for those who decide to relax with their whole family. The…

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The Venice Carnival - the ancestor of all other carnivals - to this day remains the most famous and popular carnival in Europe and, along with the carnival in Rio…

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The Expo in Milan continues - thousands of crowds of visitors visiting the exhibition, not paying attention to the monstrous heat. Not the best effect adds high humidity, but it…

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Almost 80 million tourists wander around Italy every year – all with different characteristics and hopes of knowing the country by the method they choose. Each of us – those who have been to Italy, can recognize ourselves in this or that type of tourist.

What kind of tourists are they visiting Italy?

1. Gourmet tourist

These tourists were brought to Italy by their unusual taste buds. Some of the gastronomic tourists are quite naive and expect to find only spaghetti and meatballs in every menu in Italy. Others are more experienced and may be able to choose the most tender notes of Tuscan wines. Italy with its risotto, prosciutto and cannoli has one of the most impeccable reputations in the culinary world. But gastronomic tourists should be careful – there are many unscrupulous waiters trying to drag tourists into their restaurants right at the Trevi Roman Fountain or at St. Mark’s Square in Venice with somewhat overpriced prices. But fortunately, tourists can find quality food in Italy right now with the click of a button on their phone.

2. Romantic tourist looking for love

It is hard not to come to Italy and not feel the romance. A gondola ride along the Venice Grand Canal or a quiet evening on the Tuscan hill – all hopeless romantics dream of it. Every random bump in the street, every unplanned turn outside the travel route makes a romantic tourist look around for a dark-haired or dark-haired local, who or who will give a romantic tourist unforgettable moments in life, or maybe stay with him until the end of days. Every moment of a slightly prolonged eye contact makes such tourists stop and start asking for the name of the person they meet with requests to be friends on Facebook.

3. Hurry tourist

These tourists regard the trip to Italy as an important life mission. They dreamed of seeing Italy from a young age, but there was never time or money to visit the country of their dreams. Finally, everything is ready – the money has been accumulated, the boss is notified, the term for the mission is a week. This week you need to see all of Italy, with all its monuments, Colosseums, falling towers and other fountains, you need to buy trinkets and take photos, support the Leaning Tower of Pisa under the camera lens, throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, buy magnets to friends and relatives. Any delays or loss of route causes a hasty reaction among hikers, because this is their only chance to fulfill their dreams. Grand Tour of Italy will not let you know the best Italian attraction – the lifestyle of Italians. But no one sets such goals.

4. Student tourist

An exchange student abroad has the features of all of the above tourists. Students want to try local delicacies, but lack of planning means they can fall prey to tourist traps. They obviously do not intend to look for a life partner here, but youth is hot for blood and romance does not leave them alone. And usually they are always in a hurry, because most of the time is occupied by classes, and only weekends are allocated for visiting cities. But the student is too carefree to worry about a missed train or bus and he perceives any unplanned event as an adventure. It turns any negative experience into a positive one. Did you miss the bus and stay in an unfamiliar city at night? A great reason to practice swearing in Italian and get to know the locals better.

5. Waste tourists

This type of tourists travels to Italy to spend money. Intentionally or not intentionally, but they can very quickly receive a notification from the bank that their credit card is empty. They buy everything they see and visit the most expensive restaurants. This type of travelers is simply adored by merchants, restaurateurs and hotels.

6. Fashion tourists

They are in Italy. And Italy is a country of fashionable clothes. Italy is a sense of style that all visitors to this country acquire. And a sense of style gives them the right to buy tons of clothes in which they intend to go on all occasions. And absolutely not in vain. Italian clothing is really beautiful, comfortable, comfortable and therefore attracts hundreds of thousands of connoisseurs from around the world.

7. Tourist photographer

Such tourists, with old cameras, new cameras or just with iPhones and iPads, can be easily seen near any large object joyfully clicking pictures at the Colosseum in Rome or at the Florentine Ponte Vecchio. There, along with a thousand other photographers, they are busy compiling future family heirlooms – the memory of posterity about how Italy was at the time of their grandfather and grandmother. Of course, tourist photographers can hardly be blamed for the desire to preserve memories. But their manic desire to photograph every little thing makes one suspect that their goal is not to see the Sistine Chapel, but to photograph it.

8. Tourists – “Italians”

They know five phrases in Italian and flaunt their knowledge wherever possible. They read books about the history of Rome.

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