Sicily is an amazing world that does not look like anything: the world of the azure sea and a smoking volcano, the world of orange groves and desert steppes, the…

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Sights of Milan
Ambrosian Pinacotheca The museum, founded in the 17th century by Cardinal Federico Borromeo, is considered one of the best galleries in Milan. The collection contains works of 15-17 centuries. Here…

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Tea and coffee. About normal and abnormal
The very first time in Italy, until I learned to speak Italian fluently, I was tormented by the question: "Do you have normal or hot tea?" I could speak tè…

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Everyone knows how Italians love football. But perhaps they love alpine skiing no less. It is not surprising that in this southern country they love skiing so much. After all, the entire northern border of Italy is the southern spurs of the Alps, where the magnificent ski resorts are located. In the northwest, near the border with France and Switzerland, is the Val d’Aosta Valley, surrounded by four thousandths – Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Cervino (Matterhorn) and Gran Paradiso. There are wonderful ski resorts here – the dream of everyone who is even a little skiing. The valley has 900 km of ski slopes, which are united by a single ski pass “Valle d-Aosta”, 166 cable lifts. A skier of any level can find a track for comfortable skiing here. There are a lot of wide “blue” tracks for beginners, various “red” tracks for the middle level and “black” tracks, the maximum slope of which is 78%. In this valley there are such world-famous resorts as Courmayeur, Cervinia, La Thuile, Pyla, Sestriere.


Courmayeur as a resort has been known since the 18th century for its thermal springs. Currently, it is one of the most fashionable ski resorts in the Alps. The tracks are of medium difficulty, there are also “black” ones. Skipass unites the ski areas of Italy and France (Chamonix). Skating heights 1225 -2756 mm. The length of the tracks is 100 km. The longest of them is 6 km.


Cervinia is one of the highest resorts in Italy. Skating heights 2050-3488 mm. The lifts are combined with Zermatt (Switzerland) and the ski pass allows skiing in Switzerland. There is always good, soft snow and comfortable skiing. There are places for skiing on the virgin snow.

La Thuile

La Thuile resort is not as famous as Cervinia and Courmayeur, however, due to the specific climate, unusually beautiful landscapes and the absence of queues on the ski lifts, this is an excellent place for a relaxing holiday.

Trails of varying complexity, among them many wide and gentle. The height of the ski area is 1400-2600 mm. The season lasts until the end of April.

In the eastern part of the Alps, in South Tyrol, are the Dolomites, where the famous ski resorts of Val di Fassa, Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Arabba are located. With the Dolomites Superski ski pass, you have the opportunity to ride on any of the 1,220 km of slopes. Going around all the tracks is simply impossible. Talk about all the many alpine towns where you can have a wonderful vacation, you can endlessly. Consider four resorts located on four sides of the Sella massif.

Val di Fassa

Val di Fassa is also called the “winter fairy tale”. The most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites and amazing nature, excellent trails create unusually comfortable conditions for a good vacation. The height of the ski area is 1000-3342 mm. The season lasts until mid-April.

Val Gardena

Val Gardena Resort – unites the three towns of Ortisei, Santa Cristina and Selva (Volkenstein). These are the old Austrian lands that became part of Italy after the First World War. The influence of Austrian culture is still felt in the names of streets and towns. Locals speak their own dialect – a mixture of Italian and German.

The height of the ski area is 1000-2500 mm. The season lasts until April.

Alta badia

Alta Badia is a comfortable resort with gentle slopes. The Austrian flavor is especially acute here. Lovingly restored old village houses with numerous German restaurants and trendy shops. Ski area 1000-2500 mm. The season lasts until April.


Arabba (Buchenstein) – skiers confident in their abilities ride here. From here you can climb Mount Marmolada (3342 m), the descent with which is a serious matter.

Accustomed to ride at a comfortable European temperature, the first serious test awaits – this is twenty-degree frost and strong wind. The second test is pretty steep tracks with a very hard surface, because the snow just blown away by the wind. Ski area from 1000 – 3342mm. The season lasts until mid-April.

Sella Ronda

Around the Sella massif, the unique Sella Ronda route passes. If you take into account all the tracks that are away from direct routes, then Sella Ronda is the third skiing area in the world by their number. The systems of lifts and slopes are intertwined, which makes it possible to ski down 23 km. The slopes are not difficult and allow a mid-level skier to complete her in five hours.

Italians pay much attention to the development of their ski resorts. Every year new hotels, restaurants are built, new tracks are laid, which are then kept in perfect condition. All conditions for relaxing with children are created. All ski resorts have children’s ski schools for children and instructors for adults. You can rent skis.

If you don’t like skiing, you can go ice skating, go to the pool or simply sunbathe. In the evenings, a variety of mulled wine ski shows are organized. It will not be boring!

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