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JOURNEY TO ITALY BY CAR. Zaporizhzhya – chop – budapest – vienna – bologna

I tried to prepare for this trip in advance. Thanks to Google Maps, the optimal route was laid, bought: first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, detailed map of Europe, the insurance company issued a “green card”. And now about everything in more detail.

It is better to buy a first-aid kit in a reputable pharmacy with the largest list of components included in its composition. It costs about 70 – 90 hryvnia. First-aid kits are cheaper in their composition, half the contents. Although, frankly, no one has tested it anywhere, but still calmer at heart.

A medium-sized car fire extinguisher was purchased in the region of 60 UAH at a car market from a friend of the seller. He also bought an emergency stop sign for about 20 UAH.

A prerequisite for crossing the border is the presence of a “green card” – this is a civil liability insurance policy for the countries of the European Union. Its cost in April 2009 was 250 UAH for 15 days, this is enough for a short trip. One important point: it is drawn up on the one who will drive the vehicle. It is advisable to take it in your city immediately before departure. The whole procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes.

The road in Ukraine

If in one word – HORROR !!! The so-called highway leading from Zaporozhye through Krivoy Rog-Kirovograd-Vinnitsa-Khmelnitsky-Ternopol-Chop, it is 90% single-lane road. I want to talk about it a little more.

Near Zaporozhye
We left home at 12 noon. At about 12.30 they turned off Baburka (Khortitsky district of Zaporozhye) in the direction of Nikopol. At first, the road was tolerable. Closer to Nikopol, real obstacles began in the form of considerable potholes. Of course, there is no movement speed – 70-100 km / h, and, consequently, a lot of time was spent on overcoming the section to Kirovograd.

Road to Nikopol
I’ll run a little ahead, saying that the most terrible roads in this direction in Ukraine are in the Ternopol and Dnepropetrovsk regions. More or less tolerable – in the Kirovograd, Khmelnitsky and Uzhgorod regions. Most of all two-lane roads in the Khmelnitsky region.

In the Kirovograd region, roads pleased, but not for long. Coverage of almost European level was replaced by Ukrainian.

The road to Krivoy Rog
There were few cars on the site from Kirovograd to Vinnitsa. Here the speed was much higher – 120 – 140 km / h.

Closer to 21.00 we were in the Khmelnitsky region, where we stayed overnight with relatives.

I will give you one piece of advice – if you want to “cross” the road through the whole of Ukraine from the eastern part in one day, then you need to leave very early – at 5-6 in the morning. I strongly advise against driving in the dark, sometimes on the road (the language doesn’t turn to be called a track) there are holes of such depth that you can “lose” the wheels in the truest sense of the word. You need to be very careful – sometimes even on roads with good pavement you suddenly “catch” huge pits.

The next day we left at 9 in the morning. All the same terrible roads along the way. But already getting used to them a little, he kept a speed of about 130 km / h, but not everywhere.

After Khmelnitsky
We reached Ternopol quickly enough.

Access to Ternopil
In Ternopol, there was a very large traffic jam along the ring road on the outskirts of the city, as well as the largest pits that I had seen – 30 to 40 cm deep and half a road wide. It’s almost impossible to go round, the right front wheel bent a little… with the corresponding comments after.

After Ternopol, all the signs on the road point to Lviv, so you need to have a detailed map to know where to turn left in the direction of Uzhgorod. Even easier if there is a navigator. We didn’t have it, they were guided by the map.

Before the Carpathians
To the Carpathians and in the mountains themselves, the road is of good quality, but mostly one-lane, with a lot of turns, so this section traveled more slowly. Speed ​​- up to 100 km / h. In the mountains, we filled up a full tank.

The road to the private security company was already of almost European quality, but near the border there was a big traffic jam on the site with single-lane traffic. There was also a traffic cop with a radar, but we did not slow down, despite the speed of 140 km / h. In general, about a dozen patrols with radars were seen in Ukraine, fortunately, we were able to avoid acquaintance with them.

Crossing the border

There were surprisingly few cars at the checkpoint from the Ukrainian side at about 3 p.m. there are only two in front of us. Passed it in 10 minutes. The car was not checked, only documents.

A lot of cars have already accumulated on the Hungarian side. We waited about half an hour, until we reached the checkpoint itself. There, the border guard collects passports and a green card in advance, stamps and returns them, and already before the barrier itself there is a check of the machine itself. They asked to open the hood and trunk, looked into the cabin, but did not rummage. In front of us, the Hungarians drove whole packs of Rogan beer in the trunk. It is understandable, the cost of food and beer, including in Hungary almost as in Europe, is 2 times more expensive than in Ukraine.

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